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Research Project

The FSA Research Project is an excellent opportunity to provide answers to your business questions. We deliver tailor made professional consultancy services and research reports for companies with international aspirations. As the FSA operates on a non-profit basis, company specific research can be conducted at a competitive price. The quality is guaranteed by years of experience, the careful selection of the researchers, seminars and language courses from knowledgeable experts, and guidance by the best professors the city of Amsterdam has to offer.

Financial Study association

The Financial Study Association of Amsterdam is one of the largest associations for financial and economic oriented students with over 4200 members. The FSA serves as intermediary between students and companies by organizing 17 different projects in the areas of Accounting, Banking & Finance, Consultancy and Investments. For more information please visit:

What we can do for you

The aim of the FSA Research Project is to provide consultancy services to multinational corporations with a team of student consultants. Each year a team of 18 students is carefully selected to participate in the project. The team will be dedicated to the acquisition and completion of nine different assignments. During the whole process the students will be trained by a number of leading companies to improve their skills and knowledge relevant to the project. 



Each year the research project visits a rapidly developing country in order to explore investment opportunities for companies with international aspirations. Destination of choice for 2017 is India.

The Indian economy is famous for its rapid growth. Right now, the economy is one of the ten largest in the world but it is estimated that India’s role in the world economy will increase in the nearby future. Due to economic restructuring the income per capita has tripled since 1980 and the poverty level has been halved. More recently (since 2000) the average economic growth is a little over 7% per year. India outpaced China’s GDP growth in 2015, making it the world’s fastest-growing big economy. This fast development can be explained by a number of reasons.

First of all India has improved their economic international policies i.e. reduced import tariffs, market deregulation, and tax reduction. These structural reforms have transformed the Indian economy to one with a market-oriented vision, attracting a lot foreign trade and foreign direct investment. The result is that investors are eager to invest in India hoping for high pay-off.

Apart from the business originating from economic liberalization, India’s digitization has also accelerated business within its borders. Due to technological advancements, a leading role in the worldwide ICT sector, and a large online community, India has managed to attract ample new business. This has lead to an influx of funding in the start-up sector, with an amount over $9 billion invested in 2015 alone.

Lastly, the large population has a number of advantages. By 2025, the country will have the largest ratio of young people; meaning that every year 10m Indians will enter the workforce. Due to improvements in the education system, most of these young Indians will be able to offer educated labor in many different industries. Lastly, the expansion of the middle class is expected to grow to four times of its volume today.

For full information about opportunities in India, please check out our profiler!

India (Research Project 2017) profiler

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To make sure a highly motivated and well differentiated team is formed, both the committee and project participants are carefully selected. Academic results, field of study, relevant work and extracurricular experience among others are evaluated during the selection process.


F.l.t.r. Alex Moonen, Kim van de Geest, Willemine de With, Emma Haccou, Zico Lecluse en Simone Korrel


Advisory board

In order to assure high quality research being conducted, the Research Project for years has had the ability to rely on the support of seasoned professionals from both the academic and professional field.

Board of recommendation

  • Prof. Dr A.H.G. Rinnooy Kan, Professor Economics and Business at the UVA
  • Prof. DR F.A. van der Duyn Schouten, Rector magnificus VU
  • Dr. M. Van Straalen, Voorzitter MKB-Nederland
  • Dhr. Dr. G. T. Vinig, Associate professor at the University of Amsterdam Business School

  • Drs. D.R. Hooft Graafland RA, Member of the Executive Board/CFO at HEINEKEN N.V.
  • Prof. Dr. D.C. van den Boom, Rector magnificus UvA
  • Drs. F.W. Weisglas, Former President of the House of Representatives


If you are interested in the Research Project or have any questions, please do not hestitate to contact us!

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